Costco Vs. Sam’s Club Which Wholesale Retailer Fills Your Shopping Cart.

Almost out of toilet paper? Out of the 2 BJ’s in the Tampa Bay area I prefer the location on Bruce B Downs over this location. When I needed new tires, I went to this BJ’s based on my great experience at other BJ’s when I lived in a different state. But I went through the motions anyway in order to not seem overly cynical about the whole ordeal. The prices on everything have went nothing but up. Nothing in the store was even worth looking at! This store only had one person working which should have been a red flag for me, but I just assumed it was an anomaly. It also got me to think about how Costco’s international footprint compares to Sam’s Club, and which one is better for international travelers. There is no optimistic way that is going to make any sudden change but, there are optimistic ways to think that can give you some hope and peace.

Costco Vs. Sam's Club  Which Wholesale Retailer Fills Your Shopping Cart.

  • For maximum cash back, use the card to pay for all of your gas, dining and travel purchases
  • You Do Not Have to be a Member of Costco to Shop In The Stores
  • Savings at Costco Pays For The Membership
  • $100 App Store & iTunes Multipack for $84.47 *Limit 2
  • You’re already a Sam’s Club member or otherwise like to shop at bulk superstores
  • $30 off gold jewelry over $100 (excludes diamonds) *In-club only

Sucks. I think this is someone in corporate America’s idea of a lewd joke. Every time someone comes for propane, they immediately stop working on your tires to take care of the propane customer so the tire service takes a lot longer than it should. Do not use this BJ’s for tire service. Every time I have had to go back for either tire rotation or tire repair they only have the one person working and that person does double duty as the propane guy. Propane discount is off regular retail price, 40 gallon limit. However, the retail card’s unexciting in-store rewards and APR as high as 25.15 percent mean cardholders who want to maximize their cash back should avoid using the card to pay for other kinds of purchases.

Sams Club One Day Passes

By retail sales, Kohl’s is the second largest chain of department stores and a publically traded company in United States. One-time crazy sales and loss leaders (items advertised cheap in order to get you into their stores) come to mind as a good use of this one-day pass. Like most anachronistic warehouse stores this one in particular promotes the 3 carnal D’s. I usually buy bulk water packages and each time cashier has to transfer them into another cart one by one. She finds that she saves time by buying her food items & pantry staples in bulk so she is making fewer trips to the store every month. Also, something to keep in mind: the location of the store in relation to where you live. You kind of just have to keep your fingers crossed and hope that our president is doing the best he can.

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I dislike that they only accept american express, debit, or cash, I understand that’s how they keep costs low by you paying the fees or using cash but life takes visa, but not Costco. And they don’t take American Express. With that negative out of the way lets take a look at some negative facts. The bad economy facts and stats have really just become a normal part of life. See more Amazon Deals – learn why we love Amazon Prime for buying normal household items here! 120 a year, which will more than pay for your membership. Even if you don’t have a membership, you can still take advantage of Sam’s Club deals; however, you’ll pay a 10% surcharge on the special member prices.

Costco Vs. Sam's Club  Which Wholesale Retailer Fills Your Shopping Cart.

Target Coupons & Deals

These promotions can deliver in new clients – but at a cost. You can also make a purchase for office or home, or need to garments, hardware thing everything is under one rooftop. You can also make a purchase for active wear, outerwear, and sleepwear, Dresses, and jackets, Jeans, tops, and T-shirts, Shoes, and sneakers with massive discount offers. Gift givers will still have to buy the gift on the original site (not Target), but you can manage your list directly from Target’s site. As an example, several years ago the markdown for the toy department used to be on a Wednesday, but now the majority of the stores have moved the toy markdown day to Thursday. Now everyone can easily fill their wardrobe with impeccable outfits, gorgeous handbags, perfect shoes, and much more by using Latest Target Coupon Codes. Now you can easily find a maximum discount on shoes, accessories, baby items, home, kitchen and dining, furniture, patio & gardens, electronics items with Latest Target Coupons that Always Work. Most returns can be made within 90 days of purchase to receive a full refund.

The Krazy Coupon Lady Target

All that said, Costco is really lenient if you join the club and don’t love it: They’ll refund your membership fee in full at any time, if you’re dissatisfied. When it comes to shopping at Walmart some people love it, while others only go if they have to. Coupons have already become sophisticated marketing tools, which not only drives sales, but also helps in building branding image and customer loyalty. The company always wants that the customer always pays less and make some extra saving with target while shopping. As we make sure all our Walmart deals posts follow the Walmart Coupon Policy. Happy shopping and saving at Walmart. Target Promo Codes 2018 is the best choice for the client because here you will get maximum saving offers and deals on electronics, home goods and fashion products. Target is known for its best saving price on every product. What are the best ways to save money when shopping at Target?

Target Coupons & Deals

  • Avaira Vitality
  • With real money
  • Use hidden tracker gadgets to conduct a secure personal surveillance
  • Promo: Get Deal
  • Ignore the Pressure to Supersize
  • Free Item Deals
  • 1 Cartwheel offer AND 1 Target store coupon – 10% off of one item and $1.00 off of one item

How Can You Save Money In-Store At Target? You can check in regularly at WIRED to find out about current Target coupons and Target deals. It is unacceptable to use two coupons on the same item. If you regularly buy the same item from Target’s website, then you could save an additional 5% on your order by signing up for a subscription (not to mention: free shipping!). Please help us improve our content by removing questions that are essentially the same and merging them into this question. Through a PR firm, Fazio declined to answer direct questions for this story, and Target has declined to comment, citing an active investigation. Last week, KrebsOnSecurity reported that investigators believe the source of the Target intrusion traces back to network credentials that Target had issued to Fazio Mechanical, a heating, air conditioning and refrigeration firm in Sharpsburg, Pa. There is no question that, like Target, Fazio Mechanical was the victim of cybercrime. Plus, the kids like them because it’s an easy grab item.

Target Toy Deals This Week

Will Walmart accept a Buy One Get One Free item coupon that is not a printable coupon? Does Walmart issue rain checks? Walmart will accept Printable Coupons, manufacturer coupons, competitor coupons, soft drink container caps, and checkout coupons (Catalinas). Get Food 4 Less This Week Ad sale prices, grocery coupons, online specials, great savings and deals. Save with this week Food 4 Less Ad Sale Specials, printable & digital coupons and food savings. Check the latest Food 4 Less Specials, valid May 8 – May 14, 2019. Don’t miss the Food 4 Less Ad Circular for this week, gift cards offers, organic produce deals & free Friday download coupon. Don’t pass them up! Plus, you can find the percentage of the markdown in the upper right hand corner, so you don’t have to do the math! You can save and use them at any time. Couponing to save money on goods and services can be a daunting task since there are so many rules out there – not to mention the challenge of simply organizing and utilizing coupons effectively. 35 or more. Or you can shop online, and then get free in-store pickup. The coupon barcode can then be scanned directly from the phone’s screen.

Target Coupons & Deals

Goodwill Outlet Tips For Shopping The Mothership Of Thrift Stores

Soon after, the original blanket fell apart into too many pieces to even wash; another trip to the thrift shop for another small blanket. The prices you see on the items are the original prices. I see a lot of bargain hunters advocating to purchase kids clothing when it’s on clearance to prepare for the season ahead, but this strategy has never ended well for me personally. Go Bargain Hunting with the LocoMole App! Small towns usually have a lot of old people that donate the best stuff, (Read: vintage 1960s dresses and swoon-worthy Polaroid cameras), and shoppers in small town thrift shops are rarely hunting the same things that a vintage-grubbing hipster hunts. There will be full length mirrors though, so be sure to wear tight clothes so you can try things on over your own. There are many reasons why people thrift. People like to be paid upfront, so just keep that in mind. Like this Santa who has developed a bear problem.

Goodwill Outlet  Tips For Shopping The Mothership Of Thrift Stores

Great Deals Thrift Store Hours

Typically speaking, the manager of the place is the only one who can cut you a deal, so don’t get too upset if the acne-ridden teenager in the blue apron can’t help you out. You can plug them in at the store to make sure they turn on, but check them out carefully. Using an Amazon scanning app gives you the ability to use your phone’s camera to scan any barcode (UPC) of any book and instantly see the competitive pricing data you need to make a good buying decision. Make yourself aware of where your money really is going, as some charity stores have a history of using proceeds to protest certain lifestyles. For today we’ve got two things to remember, especially if you’re feeling shy about starting a blog: write the way you talk about things you’re audience is interested in; and regularly doesn’t have to mean everyday or even every week.

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Jan says
  • Consider the item’s end-of-life
  • Realistic looking floral stems
  • Irons and Ironing boards
  • Garage sales
  • Will it need a replacement
  • 3 ASOS Marketplace

One of the best times to peruse around the thrifting world is when the seasons begin to change and people want to rid their house of things. We’ve got a great article here on how to do this, and another one on making posts go viral. No doubt the prices have gone up significantly ever since this chain of used clothing stores got popular a few years back. Anna says she and her peers have to research historical context and value for about half of their items each day. Half will be taken off at the register. 100 a pop. Get an entire set for less than half that. But if you do, get a friend to go to the Goodwill Outlet for you. As with the Goodwill retail stores, proceeds go toward job training programs. Household items are 50 percent what they originally cost at the Goodwill retail store. If you’ve ever passed by the Goodwill Outlet on Freedom Drive you might have been curious. Frames aside, you might have a spot on the wall that’s just crying out for a picture of colonial gentlemen doing card tricks.

Goodwill Outlet  Tips For Shopping The Mothership Of Thrift Stores

“We buy junk and sell antiques, some fools buy some fools sell” that’s the first thing you see in front of his store and on his name card. It’s a good idea to buy stuff from a variety of categories: clothes, furniture, memorabilia, appliances, tools, etc. By expanding your market, you will have a much better opportunity to rake in some cash. My husband had to have a surgical procedure that made him keep his arms below shoulder level for 6 weeks. Next time you head out the door to go thrift shopping, keep these tips in mind. Check out this article from The Atlantic that touches on the statistics behind the unimaginable amount of clothing going through thrift stores. Even stores with bona fide connections to charities may be giving a lot less to them than you might expect. Even if an item looks unremarkable, it’s sometimes worth looking up its markings.

Walmart Coupons, Cashback & Discount Codes

At the time, New York & Company distribute in-store coupons via mail subscription for those who opt in via their email sign up (at the bottom of page). One example was a woman from Nampa, Idaho, who was banned from every Walmart store in the U.S. One day I was lucky enough to go into Walmart the day they were having a 50% off all clearance tags (which were already 50-80% off). I am able to save at least 50% off what I would pay in their brick and mortar store. Air Canada: Save 10% on base fare on flights from your City in Canada to Bermuda. 10): While we haven’t tested this air fryer yet, it’s a great price to try this cooking trend (and better than Amazon’s price). Try this technique yourself; I think you will be surprised at the great deals available online. Walmart may not be the first place you think of when you think organic, but the chain actually has a wide selection of organic products that are cheaper than at other grocery stores. 1 per share for the first time last week. Walmart restocks its shelves overnight, so getting in a little early means getting first pick of everything. Getting food for your family has never been easier than shopping at Walmart Grocery. Launching the spot during a popular event was a strategic move in building brand awareness for its grocery pickup.

Walmart Coupons, Cashback & Discount Codes

Online Food Coupons For Walmart

Though many brand names rarely discount their coffee and tea selections, you can usually snag them at lower prices here. The nice thing about Checkout 51 is that it’s not as brand specific as some of the others. SnipSnap will even let you know if it’s cheaper to buy it online or at another store. 10. Some things are actually not cheaper at Walmart. Standout feature: When you’re shopping on Amazon, Honey will tell you if another seller offers the item at a cheaper price. How many times have you had to google “coupon code” for the item you’re thinking about buying? With this discount app, just scan item barcodes to find out if any rebates are available. In addition to that, you’ll get bonuses just for buying any item at select stores like Costco or Walmart. Sign up to become a member at BJs Wholesale, Costco or Sam’s Club, and you’ll have exclusive access to deals on bulk food, wine, prescriptions and more. There’s a lot of reasons to go (and also a lot of reasons to not go) to Walmart, but if nothing else, you need to go for their exclusive offerings. 21. If anything, go to Walmart for the exclusive items. Walmart Canada: Save up to 75% on clearance items. Browse the current Lidl Weekly Ad, valid May 8 – May 14, 2019. Save with this week Lidl Weekly Circular, and get the limited time savings on farmers’ market groceries, sustainable seafood, antibiotics-free poultry, peanut butter, and sweets.

Walmart Coupons, Cashback & Discount Codes

  • 15 of Our Favorite Coupon Apps
  • The system will prompt for supervisor verification for: – 4 or more like coupons per transaction
  • Find refurbished and clearance items online
  • Need to include a valid expiration date and remit address for the manufacturer
  • Free shipping days

Also, Walmart will adjust the price of an item, so if something you bought goes on sale, you can go to customer service and get the difference back. If they did, you’ll score a Walmart gift card loaded with the amount of the price difference. If the Savings Catcher finds another store that has a sale on those oranges or laundry detergent you bought—you’ll get the difference! Many savings sites and bloggers agree: You can get grocery staples on the cheap at Walmart. He then handed me a little Welcome to Walmart Grocery goodie bag with some free samples! It gets you 5% off every purchase in the store or online, plus free shipping. 10.82): This affordable electric toothbrush doesn’t have too many special features, but it gets the job done and is at a great price. Walmart offers excellent service, free extras and great prices for their oil change services. However, if you really want to save, you should skip brand-name items and opt for Great Value or Equate, the Walmart brands, to save serious cash. 20, you can cash out and put that extra money toward your future grocery budget or a gift card. You have to use MOM30 code to get 30% off which is valid only for Kohl’s Charge credit card holders.

Best Grocery Coupons This Week

Then, as you get paid, cash your check and divide the money you have into each envelope. Then, you have to sift through all the possible options and test code after code. You can also change your zip code to see stores in another area. Not only that, but because of the shift change there’ll be a lot of staff on the floor, making it way easier to find help if you need it. If you’re an avid Wally World shopper, you need this app. And if you’re up for a little scavenger hunt, you can earn even more points for scanning products they list throughout the store. But here’s the best part: You can earn points (they call them “kicks”) just by walking into a store. It’s a mom-instinct. We unplug the computers, make sure all the windows are securely closed and locked, and if my husband isn’t home, I call to make sure he’s okay. ShopSavvy considers itself a price comparison tool, but it’s really more like a full-blown shopping experience with multiple features. It’s also inexpensive. Some stores carry oatmeal in their self-serve bins, along with beans, cornmeal, etc. Three pounds of oatmeal will provide 30 servings. Once you order online, a Walmart employee will pick up your items and help take them to your car when you stop by to pick them up. You’re generally better off getting these items elsewhere. Even better, Walmart often has coupons on these items so you can really score. Gone are the days when you have to clip, organize and haul hundreds of coupons out the door with you.

Free Baby Products And Items

Free Baby Products And Items

Simply make your request and the items will arrive in the post. Simply request for free samples or sign up for a particular company’s mailing list and you can order free diapers, full sized jars of baby food and a host of other things. New mothers need free baby samples because providing for your baby is an expensive road full of bumps and blocks, and you don’t want to be spending all of your money on products that aren’t right for you and baby. You need to be wise doing these transactions since you might end up spending more which we definitely do not want since we want you to save. This is particularly so with other parents, especially if their children are bigger than yours, who might well be only too happy to unload their unwanted baby clothes and equipment to free up space. Compare prices on some of the nursery equipment websites to get the best value.

Baby Coupons By Mail Only

There’s a lot of passing on of outgrown but still good baby clothes, toys and equipment. Family and friends who have children who have outgrown their baby items will probably be very happy to help out and give, or lend, you many of the things you need. The loved ones will experience considerably more of this when an addition towards the family members is built. You have to surf and browse to find good free stuff sites out of the unlimited ones in the online space. Even parents prefer to select the best material for their little ones. New would-be parents really should be continually informed in organizing what exactly is good for their baby and to invest their income wisely. Mindful organizing by the newest parents has to be done in advance to make certain that the many bases are covered. New parents should understand that these freebies are available all over the place. Free pregnancy stuff for baby are offered all over the place.

Free Baby Products And Items
  • Regularly exercise through your pregnancy until your final trimester
  • 55 New Mom Gift Ideas Fun Gifts She’ll Love and Use!
  • Walmart Baby Welcome Box: Samples
  • EveryDayHappy Free Diaper Trial Kit

Since there are numerous product samples offered in malls and baby shops, you can grab free baby stuff for your little one. However, there is one thing that you have to watch out for in these subscriptions. However, free perks for your baby can get you to save a lot of money. However, basic needs for these little angels can also be costly. 0 site. Whether it is a flash game or maybe a small sample of your product, these little freebies portray you within a positive light. You are now at liberty to register for innumerable online contests and sample free products. Most of the time, these establishments have tons of diapers used for sample. So now the worry ends for the middle class family moms they don’t have to spend more money on diapers and wipes. If you are having no luck getting your hands on the mother and baby offers out there, family and friends are always on hand to help out and give, or lend, you things you might need. Having them around add a little more color to people’s busy lives. She gets to try stuff for free, leaving more funds to help cope with those expensive first few months of a baby’s life. Mommies and daddies should be resourceful sufficient to learn that the free stuff is available during the consultation months.

Free Baby Products And Items

The working of the free stuff sites is almost the same. These sites track progress as it is inputted. There are many different weight management sites where an individual can log their weight loss goals and progress. There are many sites that offer electronic gadgets for free. Kudos to all you moms and moms-to-be out there! On-line baby clubs set out to introduce parents to different products by sending them free baby samples and discount vouchers. Be it gadgets, books, restaurant offers, samples of baby items or premium electronic gadget for free. You can also ask your doctor for free baby samples since they do have a lot on hand. As for some of the smaller items, sometimes you can source free baby samples through the baby clubs, baby magazines and even via the supermarkets. With these bigger items, it’s wise to shop around and talk to other parents, so you can review all the options before making your choice of the one that its your home and your lifestyle as well as your budget. Motherhood or pregnancy is just not one thing for being feared.

Free Samples For Baby Stuff

Supermarket baby clubs and pregnancy websites often have links to special offers or give vouchers away. Regularly exercise through your pregnancy until your final trimester. During exercise your muscle tissue grows and helps you to get your shape back after the baby’s birth. 7,000 during the first year of a baby’s life. We study some dolphin facts to know more about their life cycle. Only you know the thousands of times I have prayed to you for the safety, wisdom, health, happiness and life dreams for this beloved child of mine. I just know she’s struggling. Initiate Discussions: By making communities on Facebook and LinkedIn Doctors and Patients can share their experiences and develop ratings for the doctors, hospitals and drugs experiences so that patients get to know the best service available. Doctors usually have free baby stuff on hand which are given away as samples to patients. And for the companies involved, distributing the samples – especially via a baby website – is a great way to let new mums know what is available out there or publicise improvements or new lines of products.

Cleaning Burnt Sugar On A Smooth Top Stove

Cleaning Burnt Sugar On A Smooth Top Stove

Not only is the tall and slender appearance a fun addition to any home, the red and steel finish is unique. Using baked enamel for the red makes sure it will last even when burning at the highest temperatures. Even the cleanest of kitchens will look dirty if the stove top is covered in last night’s dinner – and the build-up grime will also reduce the functionality of your cooking elements. Make sure you apply pressure around the elements to really work the area. Dampen the stove, sprinkle it on and give the oxalic acid a little bit of time to work. The stove also comes in black whenever you are looking for something a little more traditional. Brass finish on a black stove allows you to enjoy the look it provides your home. It comes in a white plastic bottle with the black and gold label. 7. Spray a cotton rag with either white vinegar or an all-purpose cleaner to the point of saturation. 1.50 for a big spray can.

Cleaning Burnt Sugar On A Smooth Top Stove

It’s big on heating performance, and even bigger on efficiency.

Don’t spray water on hot wood stove glass. Avoid contact between your glass cook top and aluminum foil. If the staining is from copper or aluminum bottom pans, some staining will remain. It will probably leave a cloudy residue on your glass. Even though ceramic glass won’t shatter, don’t tempt fate in case the wood stove glass in your unit is not ceramic. It’s big on heating performance, and even bigger on efficiency. For over 145 years, the company has remained firm as one of the most recognizable and successful creators of the best wood burning stoves and other heating appliances. If you want to know which gas stove we bought, type of gas stoves and the website, read on to know complete details. Glass top stoves can be really difficult to clean when food get splattered all over it. Glass top stoves, although attractive, are notorious for scratching. One site user has just written in (Thanks Mark!) to let us know that there is a new product called a LoMi mat, which can be placed on the cooktop while cooking to prevent the pans from scratching. Leave a comment and let me know.

Cleaning Burnt Sugar On A Smooth Top Stove

Just because you now know how to effectively clean your oven doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try preventing a mess in the first place. What if I broke the front of the oven and couldn’t fix it? If not, you can order a replacement cook top and fix it yourself (a fairly easy chore if you’re at all handy) or otherwise, call an appliance repair company to discuss repair or replacement. I think you can find it really cheap in any Walmart, Dollar General, Freds, etc. I also think they sell it at Sears appliance stores. For similar reasons it is also great to have a timer to shut off the appliance automatically at the end of its cooking time. For every 18 °F drop in the boiling point of water, it doubles the time to cook food. Leave enough head room in the pan for stirring and boiling. Sprinkle enough baking soda to cover the entire top of your glass stovetop.

Bicarb soda is a powerful natural cleaner that you can use all over the home. 1,600 price tag makes this a very affordable stove for those looking for a powerful, and attractive addition to their home. 2,000 price tag. While this is slightly higher than some of the larger models, you are paying for convenience and power in a small package. To do this I start with about 68f water in a MSR Titan Pot with tight fitting lid having a small hole in the lid to hold a temperature logger probe. Apply JB Weld, High Temp RTV, or some other high temperature adhesive (temperature rating greater than 600°F) to the outside of the inner wall. It has a clear digital display and it offers precise temperature control. Maintaining the temperatures in your home is easy and efficient with a digital soft touch control system. Settings are easy to set and adjust with the use of a built-in blower system and a control panel that has been upgraded.

  • 1 Shop Emergency Essentials Sales for Fantastic Deals
  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • Wash any blankets or throw pillows if needed
  • Soft cloth
  • Spark igniter or module is defective
  • Let the cleaners and soaking loosen stuck on grime before scrubbing
  • Make a solution of one part water to four parts bleach
  • Cooks standard 11 piece stainless steel cookware

Clear glass panel on the front of the stove allows you to enjoy the constant burn of the pellets and the warmth that the fire appearance adds to any room. The appearance of the Hudson River Saratoga allows you to have a stove unlike any other. Those looking for a unique look and a smaller stove can find it in the Hudson River Saratoga. Maintaining the heat for a longer period of time is possible with a 60 pound hopper and a double auger system you will not find in many other models. With a paper towel, wipe over the stove top to remove as much of the loose debris and liquid as possible. Use damp crumpled newspaper or a paper towel, dip it in ash and use this to clean wood stove glass. Remove the ash tray and empty it to maintain the burning capacity of your pellet stove even longer.

How To Clean Ceramic Cooktop

Keeping the model clean is easily accomplished through the sliding ash tray. The heating radius for the model is about 1,500 square feet which is perfect for anyone looking to save on the amount of room they are using for a pellet stove. Starting at price is MSRP for base model with required components. 1. Make sure the stove top is cool before starting. While warm glass is easier to clean than cold glass, you should always wait until the glass is cool enough to touch. Clean spills as soon as they’re cool enough to safely wipe away. Be sure you are burning dry, well-seasoned wood and that you have enough wood in the stove to create a hot fire. Always consult your manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the glass to ensure you are not affecting your wood stove’s warranty. To get label glue off hard surfaces; wood, china, glass etc. use metal polish wadding like Duraglit or Brasso.

Worse, many of these scratches occur during routine use. It will leave ugly scratches on the glass. Do not use razor blades or abrasive cleaners to clean wood stove glass. There are a variety of glass stove top cleaners on the market. There are glass stove top covers you can get to help protect the stove while it is not in use. That’s right, you can use baking soda to clean your glass top stove. 3. While your rags are soaking, sprinkle some bicarb soda across the stove top, making sure you cover the entire surface with a thick layer. 2. Soak 3-4 old rags or tea towels in a bucket filled with warm water that’s mixed with household washing detergent. 1. Take the soaked rags out of the bucket and ring halfway so they still retain plenty of wetness. Take one of the rags and, from the top right side of the stove top, work in an ‘S’ pattern to remove all the product from the stove top. Enamel can stain, so it’s important to wipe up spills right away. Give the surface a final wipe over so it’s clear of any excess moisture or debris. 1. Using the soft side of a sponge, give the surface a wipe over so it’s clear of any excess moisture or debris.